Travel Gadgets: Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger Review

Self-professed traveler? If you answered yes, you may be aware that one of the most important gadgets you will have with you whenever you travel is a fine charger that delivers power to your device in a lightning-fast manner so that you are always back on track. This is in addition to a good power bank, which is also a useful device to have with you. Anker is bringing one to the market. The Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger is what it’s called. As the name implies, this Anker nano charger can charge a mobile device much way quicker than a standard charger, which is extremely beneficial.

So, here is our review of this nano fast charger to show you a few of the great features that will make your every trip smooth and stress-free. Continue reading.

Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger
Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger

Almost all mobile devices are compatible with it.

If you have an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy S20, a smartwatch, or a pair of headphones, you can use this Anker nano charger to charge these devices at 20W, which is compatible with most handheld devices. This avoids a common problem faced by travelers, which is finding a fast charger that works with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. This way, travelers will have fewer concerns to deal with during their trip, allowing them to focus on other essentials and items they need to pack.

You can charge your phone three times faster with this charger.

The Anker Nano Charger 20W is said to be three times faster than the original 5W charger when it comes to charging your iPhone 12, for example. You’ll always have a device to take on your adventures if you have this charger with the said capability.

Charging your phone with style is possible.

It’s great to have this nano charger with you because it’s so stylish. Mint Green and Lavender Grey are two of the color options you have to choose from. This means you can choose whichever of these hues you prefer and believe to be most representative of your character.

Anker Nano Charger 20W PIQ 3.0 Durable Compact Fast Charger
Anker Nano Charger 20W PIQ 3.0 Durable Compact Fast Charger

It’s designed to save space.

This brand’s nano charger is 50% smaller than a 20W iPhone charger. While it may be small, the Anker Nano still packs a punch when it’s plugged into a wall outlet or your pouch, bag, or purse.

A welcome guide is included.

Having a welcome guide to help you get started with the device is a great perk of this particular product. In addition, you can use this to see if any of your devices are compatible with this nano charger. Also, this will give you a general overview of the device’s usage guidelines.

It is extremely long-lasting.

You can count on this item to last a long time. This means you’ll be able to take this charger with you on your several trips down the road.

Anker Power III Nano Charger 20W PIQ 3.0
Anker Power III Nano Charger 20W PIQ 3.0

Price and availability in the Philippines

Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger is now available on Shopee and other Anker Authorized Distributors for only Php750.

Overall Review

With its advanced charging technology and small and portable design, the Anker PowerPort III Nano Fast Charger is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new charger. If you have this handy gadget, traveling will be a breeze and a lot of fun.

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