How To Plan A Campervan Adventure In New Zealand

There are various ways you can enjoy an adventure in a new place. For instance, you can opt to drive across the countryside after renting a campervan instead of booking a hotel. It’s a great way to enjoy the locals’ company and see well-known destinations at your own pace.

Campervan Adventure In New Zealand
Campervan Adventure In New Zealand

Knowing what you should plan for is helpful if you wish to go on a campervan trip in a country like New Zealand. This way, you can enjoy your road adventure without any problems along the way. Keep on reading to learn more.

Choose The Right Campervan

Your campervan adventure won’t be possible without your vehicle. After all, it’ll serve as your mobile home during your whole road trip. So, if you’re traveling in New Zealand, choosing which campervan you’ll use first is highly recommended.

You have various options when sourcing your van, but you can opt to rent it if you don’t own one. This may be more convenient, especially if you’re flying to New Zealand from another country abroad.

Fortunately, car rental companies like Wilderness campervan hire have different campervan designs you can choose from. For example, they have different van models with varying bed sizes to suit different customers. You can check out their available units to see whether they have something you want to use on your New Zealand adventure. It’s helpful to pick the one you know you can be comfortable in since you’ll spend most of your time in the vehicle during your whole vacation.

Check The Weather Before Your Trip

One consideration you should always check before going on a holiday trip is the weather. It can make or break your plans, so it’s essential you time your trip right. When booking your flights, check the weather forecast to know the average temperatures and weather during the whole course of your visit.

For instance, booking your trip during the first few months of the year is ideal if you prefer warmer temperatures. This way, you can enjoy sunny days and warm weather. Meanwhile, it tends to be colder during the later parts of the year. Henceforth, it’s highly advised that you dress accordingly.

As soon as you land in the country, research information about the local weather and take note of reports of rain, snow, and the like – these factors are important for you to drive safely on the New Zealand countryside roads. When taking your dog along do not forget to bring a water bowl for them.

New Zealand Campervan Adventure
New Zealand Campervan Adventure

Research About Local Traffic Rules

Driving in a different country requires you to prepare for adjustments like local traffic rules and road structures. You’ll encounter difficulties enjoying your vacation if you get in trouble while on the road.

So, if you wish to enjoy your campervan adventure, it may be helpful to know more about the driving culture in New Zealand before you arrive. Review local signs you may be familiar with to make adjusting a lot easier.

Also, you must ensure your license is valid before going on a campervan trip. In some cases, you may need to present your driving permit before being allowed to rent a vehicle and drive in the country. Your license may only allow you to use specific vehicles, so ensure you rent a van that falls within your license’s limitations.

Map Your Journey

A camper holiday may differ from other trips since you’d be driving to your temporary lodging during your adventure. This means you need to figure out where to park the vehicle and where to restock your goods or clean yourself regularly. If you neglect to prepare for your journey, you may encounter various inconveniences along the way. Thus, it’s best to identify your route and plan your daily itinerary.

Case in point, it’s helpful to know where you can park overnight to ensure you’re in a safe area when resting. Plus, your campervan adventure may be more fun if you include popular tourist destinations in your route. You can stop by to see the sights and enjoy the local scenery while driving across the country.

Henceforth, it may be best to plan to enjoy your road trip without any problems before you go to New Zealand. Try to search for popular driving routes if you prefer not to map your journey without any references. You may also ask around for recommendations when picking places to visit.

Know Where To Eat

A holiday trip isn’t complete without the local food experience. After all, trying the local cuisine can be a great experience during your road adventure. Yet it may not be easy to find good places to eat when you’re on the road.

Planning your meals during your campervan adventure is ideal. If you have a refrigerator in your vehicle, you can opt to store some food you can eat when you’re hungry. On the other hand, you may also look for restaurants along your route so you can stop by for meals.

Final Thoughts 

A campervan adventure in New Zealand can be a great experience to try. If you want a stress-free vacation, it’s helpful to prepare for your trip by renting your vehicle early and mapping your route.

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