How To Deep Clean And Organize Your Home

Research by StudyFinds reveals that people who clean their houses are healthier than those with messy homes. Other studies also show that clutter increases stress, as it’s hard for the brain to process multiple items all at once in cluttered spaces, according to The Zoe Report. Maintaining a tidy home doesn’t only enhance the aesthetics of your living space. It also helps improve your mental health and boosts your mood. However, kicking off a cleaning project can be overwhelming.

Decluttering photo by Sarah Brown via Unsplash
Decluttering photo by Sarah Brown via Unsplash

It’s difficult to know where to start, where to find the best household storage containers to get your house in order, and how to clean each room thoroughly. Fortunately, you can follow a few rules to make housekeeping less stressful. Below are essential tips on how to deep clean and organize your home.

Declutter Before Cleaning

Many benefits are linked to decluttering your living spaces, from reduced anxiety to increased productivity and improved aesthetics. Decluttering also creates room for items of great value for you and your family. Therefore, determine what makes your living spaces feel and look cluttered. Is it inherited furniture, old baby toys, paper, or outdated appliances? Identify them, sort them out, put them in storage boxes, and donate or recycle them.

When sorting clutter, always start small to get some motivation. For instance, you can start with the kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers to make the process easy. It’s also wise to organize your house every day. Remove clutter from the table, kitchen countertops, floors, and bathroom drawers daily to stay on top of your maintenance tasks.

Start From Top to Bottom

Once you’ve decluttered your house, start cleaning from the top to bottom. This means cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces like ceilings, walls, ceiling light fixtures, baseboards, and ceiling trim. Use a duster with a handle or microfiber mop to achieve the best results. A spritz of water on the mop eliminates dust on above-the-eye surfaces. When cleaning surfaces near the floor, consider using warm water and dish soap or vinegar to wipe off dirt and dust that builds up over time.

How To Deep Clean And Organize Your Home
How To Deep Clean And Organize Your Home

While deep house cleaning isn’t as difficult as it sounds, you may consider services offered by professional cleaners if you lead a busy lifestyle. Professional house cleaners use the top-to-bottom cleaning method to keep your living spaces sparkling clean and organized. You can even request green cleaning services involving eco-friendly detergents and methods to clean your house.

Keep Your Textiles Clean

Deep cleaning doesn’t involve dusting hard surfaces only. You need to keep soft surfaces and fabrics clean. Cleaning fabric surfaces in your home helps you remove dust, pet dander, pollen grains, and other pollutants that cause allergies in living spaces. With this in mind, spruce up window treatments. Toss them in the washer, vacuum them with the brush attachment and fluff them in the dryer. Also, vacuum upholstered furniture, and launder throw blankets, rugs, cushion covers, bed linens, comforters, and pillows.

Living in clean and organized spaces is crucial to maintaining good mental health and high happiness levels. For this reason, deep clean your home regularly. To achieve the best results, make it a habit to get rid of clutter before cleaning. Then, clean from top to bottom to avoid dust from resettling in areas you’ve already cleaned. Also, spruce up window treatments and shower curtains, vacuum upholstered furniture, and launder other soft fabrics.

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