Fujifilm vs Sony: Which ranks #1 as the best mirrorless camera for travel?

Finding a camera can be exhausting and make you feel quite defeated if you aren’t sure about what to look for. There are so many cameras out there in the market, so many features, and so many qualities which can be difficult for many people to navigate. That’s why I’ve taken all the hard work out for you and did the comparison between the famous Fujifilm vs Sony mirrorless camera debate. These cameras are currently the top 2 choices in the mirrorless camera world and for good reason. Figuring out which is best for you, is ultimately your decision.

Fujifilm vs Sony - Image of Fujifilm Camera on Wooden Floor

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Fujifilm vs Sony: Which mirrorless camera is best?

Now, I can’t simply answer this question completely. However, I can give you my preference or the choice I would buy. I would, hands down, buy the Fujifilm XT camera in a heartbeat. It’s the camera I bought a couple of years ago and has lasted me for quite some time. Now, not to knock anything down on Sony, it just happened to be the best fit for me and had the qualities I needed in a camera and both are amazing pieces of equipment. 

I’ll go into details about each camera below to help you make the decision that is best for you. 

Should I get a mirrorless camera or DSLR for travel?

So I used to have a DSLR camera, one of the reasons I decided to switch to a mirrorless camera was mainly because of travel. I was traveling all over the world, getting extremely exhausted from carrying my heavy and expensive DSLR everywhere I went. I wanted something that was smaller in size and packed the same punch as a DSLR. 

I still sometimes rely on my iPhone in some circumstances to get last-minute shots or unplanned photos that I didn’t plan on doing for that day. There are some pros and cons to having a mirrorless vs a DSLR, but I honestly find it a lot better. I think if I want to do more portrait shots and take engagement photos or family pictures, I’ll revert back to my trusty DSLR. However, not to say that my mirrorless isn’t good for portraits, it just means that my mirrorless does exactly what I need it to do. 

I would say that mirrorless cameras are perfect for travelers, busy parents, and someone who wants something lighter to travel with yet has a lot if not all of the functions a DSLR packs. For me, it was an easy choice to switch over. I noticed I was using my iPhone more than my DSLR just out of portable and compact sakes. 

Mirrorless Camera Price

Now you might be thinking, oh a mirrorless camera will be cheaper in price. It’s smaller, compact, and not a DSLR. Wrong. A mirrorless camera packs in a lot of punches. While there are some out there that are more affordable, there are a lot that are not – like the Fujifilm and Sony brands. These brands put as much as a DSLR into something compact and are becoming more and more common to see. 

A mirrorless camera does not necessarily mean cheaper. However, getting one that lasts, the price, in the end, will be completely worth it. It will last for quite some time as cameras are getting better and better each year, it’s getting harder and harder to compete with the previous year’s model. 

Comparing Fujifilm vs Sony

Pros of Fujifilm VS Pros of Sony

There are a lot of pros to both cameras which make them battle head to head and this really depends on where you are in your photography journey. Are you looking for something easy and reliable to take around with you? Or are you looking to improve your photography skills with something a bit more advanced? Both are reasonable reasons, however, between these 2 cameras, there is a clear and distinct winner based on each individual’s needs.


  • Dials, Buttons, and Personal Settings
  • Weather Sealing = Better Protection
  • Stay small in size, not too much change in style
  • Longer lasting in terms of staying up to date with firmware
  • Better color and processing – saves time on doing the work for you when processing
  • 4K Video Filming


  • Great Automatic settings for Simple Photography
  • User friendly for new photographers
  • Amazing focal points and image stabilization which are crucial for travel photography
  • 4K Video Filming
  • Clear, stable and high-quality images
  • Great for video in comparison to Fujifilm
  • Great battery life

If you aren’t new to photography, I would highly recommend investing in a Fujifilm. In the long run, the camera will last you a lot longer and if or when you decide to upgrade all the investments when it comes to lenses will transfer over. I think sony is great as a point-and-shoot camera along with people wanting to do more video for their travels. Fujifilm does do video, but there has been a consensus that Sony is easier to work within creating videos. 

Fujifilm is overall great under harder weather conditions like rain and snow which made so many people switch over and choose Fujifilm over its competition Sony. 

Cons of Fujifilm VS Cons of Sony

There are cons to both of these and this is where you will decide which one you think is best for you. I’ve laid out the cons for Fujifilm and Sony. 


  • Well like most mirrorless cameras, they lack in some aspects. 
  • Hard to get RAW images – mainly because of the processing within the camera
  • Limited touch screen implementation
  • Card is in the slot of the battery slot – which is annoying when you have a battery grip and tripod with an attachment


  • Not customizable when it comes to settings
  • Gets heavier with newer models
  • Slower updates and not necessarily good ones either
  • Not weather sealed
  • Unable to accomplish everything necessary for those with a photography background
  • Expensive for what you get
  • Very loud shutter settings

I have to say that when it comes to Fujifilm vs Sony, Fujifilm wins this section also. I would say that Sony unfortunately is getting more heavy which if you are switching from a DSLR to something more compact and travel-friendly, this would be a huge downside to picking Sony. The lack of updates in Sony and the lack of weather-sealing also plays a big problem in design as well. 

Sony, unfortunately, lacks the quality of what a camera is supposed to do, and most find it to be more like a computer than a camera which is why most people voted more on the Fujifilm quality, style, and overall feel of the device. However, that being said, it’s great for new users since it will have a lot of great automatic features which makes it easier for beginners to learn how to navigate and use their camera. 

Still not sure which is better between Fujifilm VS Sony?

I’ve laid out some answers to important questions that many users have. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below so that I can address them!

FAQ about Fujifilm VS Sony

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which is the cheapest?

I would say that Sony is significantly cheaper than Fujifilm depending on the models. I would warn though that going with the cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Sony has an amazing price and is great for a lot of reasons, if budget is one of them then I do suggest sticking to Sony vs Fujifilm. You can easily learn how to use a Sony and upgrade to something better later down the road. It’s great for beginners and I would suggest it to anyone wanting a compact camera with a good value. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which provides more value?

I would say that Fujifilm is the clear winner between the 2 and I may be a little bit biased, but once you figure out all the settings, it makes taking photos extremely easy. It allows you to change things to your own personal preference which I think is important in photography. Photography is absolutely subjective after all, so having your camera set to what you like most is important for user experience. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which is better for travel?

I believe both are excellent for travel. I have 2 friends who have Sony mirrorless cameras and they absolutely love them. I think they are compact and perfect. However, if you plan to do more adventure travels then the Fujifilm camera will be better in terms of weatherproofing. I would like to mention Sony cameras becoming less compact and heavier, so I’m not sure about how they will resolve this issue in the future. 

Sony however has a better battery life which is good if you are out and about and then all of a sudden your camera dies. I carry a bunch of batteries anyways, but if this is important for you then stick to the Sony camera. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Fujifilm vs Sony: Which one is better for video?

Sony is better for video. In regards to autofocus, Sony does a better job so this plays a huge factor when it comes to taking video. You want something that will respond faster and allow you to take quality video quickly without missing the important shots. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which one is better for cityscapes?

I think this is a toss-up between the 2. Some people have said that Sony is better while others mentioned Fujifilm to be better. I honestly felt I got some amazing city scapes with my Fujifilm especially living in Seoul, South Korea. I think this all depends on the photo, edit, and final product. Both are equally amazing at taking cityscapes.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which one is better for landscape?

Fujifilm vs Sony - Image of the town of Sintra using Fujifilm Camera
Fujifilm vs Sony – Image of the town of Sintra using Fujifilm Camera

This I would say is the same regarding Fujifilm vs Sony. For me, this depends on the lens you purchase for the camera while I prefer a wide-angle lens for landscapes I currently use a Fujifilm 17mm lens for wide-angle. It’s honestly been the best investment for my camera. You can purchase the Fujifilm 18mm lens here. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Which has a better warranty process and customer service?

When it comes to customer service, there is no comparison between Fujifilm vs Sony. Fujifilm hands down have a better warranty process and customer service. It’s comparable to Canon and Nikon. Sony has been stated to be the worst when it comes to its warranty process and customer service. 

One customer states “Fujifilm was by far the best experience. I was even able to discuss with the mechanic before even putting the repair job through and got a rough idea of what will happen, how much it will be, and how long it would take.” You can read more about the services and how Fujifilm and Sony were rated here. 

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