8 Things Not To Pack When Travelling To These Places

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (Outoftownblog.com) – Before going on a trip you must always document yourself. You should know about the weather, routes, etc., whether to find the most important places to visit, search about the country’s customs, and research what you can (not) wear. Today we’re going to reveal eight things you shouldn’t pack if you’re traveling to the following countries.

Some of the prohibitions/recommendations may seem somewhat unique, but we assure you that these recommendations do not come from our personal tastes, such as not wearing clothes of a particular color or packing your favorite wooden clogs. Not only because it is not well seen by the locals, but also because you could get a hefty fine or even arrest.

1. In Thailand, limit cigarettes

No Cigarettes
No Cigarettes

In 2008 the Thai authorities waged a tough anti-tobacco battle and the laws enacted are really strict. For example, you cannot smoke in bars, restaurants, and open-air markets and, above all, it is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts out of their containers. This decision was made for several reasons, just think that in Phuket more than a third of municipal waste collected were cigarette butts.

2. No camouflage clothing in Barbados

No camouflage by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash
No camouflage by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

The latest fashions in clothing have seen many garments have camouflage prints, military designs, khaki, or similar colors. Well, it’s best not to pack it if you are going to spend a few quiet days in Barbados paradise. Tourists and civilians are not allowed to wear such clothing as it is reserved for the military only. If you decide to pack your trendy camouflage swimsuit or camouflage anoraks, be aware that they can be confiscated on sight as well as paying a hefty fine.

3. Yellow is not welcome in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the color yellow is not welcome at all. Not because they say it brings bad luck, as we are not superstitious, but it has been considered a crime since 2011. This is the color chosen by the opposition, the pro-democracy group Bersih, who wore it in all its anti-government demonstrations. This government ordinance was created to more easily identify local dissidents, so it would be better not to risk it so as not to find yourself in serious trouble with the Malaysian government, which in addition to the fine could also proceed to arrest for further investigation.

4. There is no chewing gum in Singapore

no chewing gum in Singapore by Quinten de Graaf via Unsplash
no chewing gum in Singapore by Quinten de Graaf via Unsplash

It sounds really funny, but chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore, even if the reason is not to be taken lightly. It should be known that the citizens of the Asian metropolis really liked chewing gum a lot, so much so that it has become a real national problem. In fact, the sale, import, and manufacture of chewing gum are prohibited throughout the country. But why all this?

In 1987 Singapore inaugurated its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), the fastest subway that connects the whole city, spending several million dollars, a figure that for the time was pharaonic given the economic growth of what everyone today considered the financial capital of all Asia. But back to the problem, unbelievable, but the assiduous Singaporean chewers often attacked the chewed gum at the automatic doors of the subway causing various disruptions of time with related economic losses for the city coffers. They decided at the root: “you can’t keep gum in your mouth, we eliminate it nationwide”.

5. If you go to Capri, leave the wooden wedges at home

If you can’t wait to enjoy the idyllic Capri to rest, eat well, enjoy the sea and its cobbled streets, know that you have to leave your beloved clogs or wooden wedges at home, it is useless to put them in your suitcase. Mind you, they can be used on the beach and in bathing establishments, but not on the street, where a municipal regulation has abolished them due to too much noise. Like the portable radios that are prohibited in all outdoor places of the beautiful Italian island.

6. Always stay well covered in Malta

Malta is a place where you can learn English, party wildly, and enjoy beautiful beaches and the sea. But the small Mediterranean island is also a very Catholic nation, this presupposes that in this place, despite the high temperatures, you must always go well covered, because nudism and toplessness are punished with very heavy fines or you could even incur annoying proceedings. judicial.

7. Cover your Sri Lankan tattoos well if they are religious symbols

Traveling to some exotic places always requires some preparation, not only in terms of what you will visit but also in terms of local traditions, customs and habits. The tattoo cult in Sri Lanka is a true religion and the style of this country has become an important trend in all tattoo studios around the world. That said, if you have religious tattoos you must always be careful not to show them, especially if they have symbolism or type that is not suited to the Asian nation.

8. Don’t wear leggings in Montana

No leggings in Montana by Gabriel Aguirre via Unpslash
No leggings in Montana by Gabriel Aguirre via Unpslash

It will seem absurd to you to have such a law in the United States, one of the countries that makes the freedom of expression of the individual its international pride. But in the state of Montana, it is strictly forbidden to wear leggings and yoga pants as it is considered indecent garment. So it is useless to pack it also because the penalties and fines are not soft at all, just think that if found more than three times with such clothes you can even risk life imprisonment and a fine of up to ten thousand dollars.

Consider this advice before booking your hotels and luxury chalets in Crans Montana.

Have you ever had a travel misadventure around the world, for something carelessly packed? Let us know in the comments.

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