10 Exciting And Fun Things To Do In Dubai With Family

Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations among holidaymakers. The futuristic city offers the finest attractions to marvel at and is a big hit among people of all age groups. Making it an ideal destination for a fun family outing.

Backed with world-class engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and a revolutionary outlook, Dubai has managed to craft many top world-class wonders. The glamorous hub is thus frequented by people to celebrate no matter what their interests are. Be it the adventure seekers, party makers, or someone wishing to spend a quiet time by the beach or in the desert. The options are too many to brood over. Here are my recommendations for the top 10 Exciting And Fun Things To Do In Dubai With Family.

The magical metropolitan is a perfect all-weather attraction. You can spend time amidst a beach resort, party by the pool, indulge in exhilarating and fun water sports, and perhaps devote one of your best times indoors. Conversely, there are plenty of exciting outdoor attractions to never miss on your holidays to Dubai. Here we list some of the most sought-after things to do for a fun-filled family outing to Dubai. Especially for first-timers to enhance the entertainment quotient and touch most of the major attractions the city offers.

Exciting and Fun Things to do in Dubai with Family

1. Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari tour is a highly anticipated attraction in Dubai. All visitors look forward to this fun, family endeavor with enthusiasm on their UAE tour. The highlight of the trip is an exhilarating dun bashing session in a 4*4 SUV among the vast sandy desert terrain. You are at the edge of an adventure ride. The thrill does not seem to seize until you shriek out with joy, fear, and excitement, all at the same time!

Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing

Likewise, sandboarding is one of the fun things to do on your desert safari tour. Needless to say, it’s a sensation among kids in particular. To add to the fun quotient, camel riding in the desert, quad biking, and hot air balloon are a few more activities that can be combined with your desert expedition.

The desert camp at the site houses some entertaining shows comprising Tanura dance, belly dance, and a fire show. You can enjoy them with a delectable spread of Arabian cuisine.

Tip – Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. The joy of walking barefoot in the sand and having fun with your group is quite refreshing yet soothing.

2. The Burj Khalifa

The fine architectural splendor of Dubai is a pride of the city. Among the numerous stunning marvels, the nation has curated so far. Such is the impact of this well-planned metropolis with its infinite, unique skyscrapers that visitors can feel its allure and are spellbound by the visuals even while on their bus or car ride. One such wonder is the highest manmade point on the planet, the Burj Khalifa. Stopping by the world’s tallest tower in the world is on every traveler’s wish list! Moreover, it’s a great outing for the entire family to create fond memories for life.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

At the Top

The view from “At the Top” on the 124th-floor observatory deck (1,483 ft.), and 148th-floor SKY Level (1,821 ft.), is the highest one in the world plus is a treat to behold. The cityscapes give admirable glimpses of some of the important landmarks of the town. Be it the old Dubai, the Dubai marina, and more. On high visibility days, it is believed that the shores of Iran could be observed from the top of the tower.

During the day the panoramic sight beholds everyone with visuals of the wondrously planned city. Whereas as the night falls the city lights up with glitz giving different hues to the place. The Burj Khalifa houses top-notch hotels, restaurants, and residential spaces. It has state-of-the-art facilities for fitness, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, malls, and many more to pamper yourself in complete luxury. Its jaw-dropping grandeur interiors are another spectacle that can transfer you into a new world of luxury.

Tip – Located in downtown Dubai you can combine your Burj Khalifa expedition with the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, and the Dubai aquarium in unison! Moreover, to cut down on time and hassles, especially during peak seasons, it is advisable to pre-book your Burj Khalifa tickets online. Or let your travel agency plan a few things in advance for you.

3. Dubai Fountain

Situated at the center of Downtown Dubai it is the world’s largest fountain system which performs every hour interval in the evening to a medley of songs, lights, and music. Immersed inside the Burj Lake, which encompasses a 30-acre wide area, the Dubai Fountain shoots up to a height of 500 feet. Making it the world’s largest musical fountain. It spellbinds every spectator so much so that the wonder is thronged by thousands of visitors every evening. It is one of those astonishing shows to witness with family and admire the aesthetically choreographed wonder.

Dubai Fountain
Must see Fountain show

Tip – For a more outlandish and exceptional experience of the Dubai fountain, book a lake ride in a traditional Abra boat. Experience a get-up close and personal to watch a spellbinding spectacle!

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4. The Dubai Mall

It is the largest shopping mall on the planet. The Dubai Mall is the size of over 13 million square feet. More than the size of 50 football fields! Housing hundreds of luxurious hotels, numerous cinema screens, multiplexes, restaurants, and cafes. It’s a picture-perfect, ultramodern, and glamorous mall with several awards and accolades to its credit. With over 1200 shops from world-famous brands, it’s a paradise for all opulent shopping lovers.

The Dubai Mall is so huge that it’s advisable to use an app for navigation in order to not get lost. The complex is not just equipped with the finest shops and eateries but it is also home to a host of entertainment outlets. These include the world-famous Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, an indoor amusement gaming hub – VR Park, Rainforest Café, a haunted house – Hysteria, Dubai Dino, Creek Tower Replica, Kidzania, to name.

Tip – Shopaholics can let the kids enjoy at any one of the amusement parks while they indulge in their favorite endeavor with a bite in between to keep them on their toes. Correspondingly it’s a great time to bond for couples with the kids being engaged.

5. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The city of superlatives has another grand feather in its cap. ‘The Dubai Aquarium’ is the world’s largest suspended aquarium. It is one of the best educational and entertainment hubs for a perfect family outing. Home to more than 300 species of water animals from across the world, it features the highest count of tiger sharks. Extending from the ground floor to the third floor of the Dubai Mall, there are several activities to enjoy with this attraction. A 40-meter-long tunnel walk giving outstanding views of the underwater world, snorkeling, diving with the sharks, and even a boat ride on a glass-bottom bed, are the ones to choose from.

Dubai Aquarium
Aquarium view

Just above the Aquarium is the underwater zoo that brings you close to another diverse collection of marine life. The likes of penguins, crabs, piranhas, sea horses, jellyfishes, water rats, and more. The world’s largest reptile, King Croc, deemed as one of nature’s rare occurrences, for its imposing size and weight (5 meters longs and weighs 750 kg) is a new inhabitant of the zoo.

Tip – If you are running short of time and money to visit the Dubai Aquarium, you can view the large aquarium tank from the Dubai Mall foyer for free. This is also quite entertaining and enriching.

6. The Dubai Frame

One of the glorious yet record-breaking attractions is the largest picture frame on the planet – the Dubai Frame. An aesthetically pleasing, gigantic, gold-plated architecture takes you by surprise with its engineering genius. If the exterior is awe-inspiring and fascinating, so are the interiors. The 500 feet tall landmark captures the two distinct sides of Dubai – the old and the new in one frame.

Dubai Frame
The popular Frame

Such is the location of the landmark that you get fine glimpses of the old Dubai from one side of the tower and the very modern and sophisticated new Dubai with the present attractions the city boasts from the other. To top it all there is a clear glass pathway at the top. That could be quite daunting yet one of the best skywalk experiences for the family.

Tip – Zabeel Park, a technology inspired green cosmos, which features the Dubai Frame, a lake, an edutainment center for kids, a theme park backed with technology, a picnic spot, a jogging track, and more, could be combined with your Dubai Frame outing for a fun family picnic or those wishing to spend quality time in the lapse of nature.

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7. Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai which is an Arabic translation of Dubai Eye will keep you and your family captivated. Making you feel no less than a superstar. The engineering genius, double the size of the London Eye, gives you an experience of a lifetime with exquisite views of the best landmarks while the wheel spins giving a comprehensive 360-degree view of the city.

Tip – If dinner in the sky fascinates you, you may consider this activity on one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels or enjoy a special evening to mark an important celebration!

8. Global Village

The main idea behind the inception of Global Village in Dubai was to organize a world fair on a global platform. The massive village spreads across an area of 17,200,000 sq. ft. It comprises 90 pavilions from various regions of the globe. Bringing together shopping, tourism, entertainment, and recreation under one roof. The family-friendly attraction is popular among kids for the many kid-friendly rides that are a part of it. However, Global Village mainly focuses on shopping and entertainment, from distinct parts of the world.

Innumerable concerts, plays, dance, and singing shows are organized here on a regular basis. You never know which celebrity you may face on a given day! Besides it also features countless eating outlets plus dining venues along with vendors spread across the place for a fun-filled outing.

Tip – Global Village is open during the winter months from November and lasts till early May every year. One has to plan an outing there. Or check out other available places to visit if you wish to plan a summer outing.

9. The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai has abundant adventure avenues for kids and more so for the entire family. The amusement parks and water parks in Dubai are world-class attractions. One such is the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. Promising a never-before camaraderie with the water element. This world’s largest waterpark screams for excitement with every pulsating ride. With over 105 slides, a private beach, zip lines, splashers kids’ play area, fine dining, and an unbeatable shark lagoon experience, fun at Aquaventure is an understatement.

Tip – Enroll your little ones between ages 3-6 yrs. in youth programs to be on board with a specialist aquarist. Witness marvelous sea creatures such as starfishes, baby sharks, and sea cucumbers all in shallow water. Not bad to be a mini marine biologist besides inculcating the love for sea animals among our futuristic responsible citizens.

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10. Dubai Dhow Cruise

An evening attraction, enjoyed throughout the year, is Dhow Cruise in Dubai. The cruise which lasts close to two hours is one of the most serene experiences that is embraced by families to spend quality time together. The captivating views of the Arabian coastline, along with the glittering Dubai skyline add much-needed excitement and fun. A delectable spread of an exotic 3-course meal, along with live music, entertainment, and fun shows on board is a great stress buster and helps strengthens your bond with family.

Dubai Dhow cruise
Dhow cruise

Tip – One may opt for a private yacht for a more personal and special celebration with family or cater to your couple’s goals to cherish priceless moments with your loved ones. These were just a few glimpses of what Dubai offers. If you dwell deeper you would be surprised to discover the priceless gems the place is bejeweled with. A single visit to this larger-than-life destination is certainly not enough. One has to come back to explore all that the city has in store.

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Hope you will enjoy these Exciting and Fun Things to do in Dubai with your Family.

Unless credited all the photographs were provided by the author.

Author: Savita Pillay, an educationist turned writer from Pune, India. She has composed and edited numerous articles in her writing career. She has traveled to UAE, where she pursued her love for teaching. Bachelor’s in English, she is an avid reader, who loves to travel and experiment with various cuisines while on the go.